TAM: Telescope Andreas G. Michalitsianos

TAM Dedication:  Andreas G. Michalitsianos  (a short Biography)michalitsianos_andrew_a1

Milestones:  Dome construction 1999,  0.6m AM telescope installation 2000.

TAM History: to be written

The sky above TAM right now:   click here for sky map



  • Optical architecture:  Cassegrain (1 focus, F/10)
  • Mounting: Robotic Equatorial
  • Instrumentation:
    • 9-position motorized filter wheel (UBVRI, open, monochromatic-1, monochromatic-2, continuum)
    • Telrad guider telescope
    • APOGEE Ap7b – SITE back-illuminated 512×512 pixel, 24 μm pitch, CCD-imager camera, (and a FINGERLAKES substitute/surrogator)
    • RFK/Eudoxos modified TALON control software
  • Dome: 6x3m rotation-off (all sky) rectangular shelter, double skin isolation, steel structure.


Andy Michalitsianos’ short biography

TAM Photographs

Projects: (to be updated soon)


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