Staff, Collaborators, & Supporters

With approximate chronological order of involment/service or support received (incomplete list:  names continuously added – support reception  by politicians will be mentioned in another page on RFK/Eudoxos History)

  1. Nikolaos Solomos (Founder)
  2. Geroge Fanourakis (Director of Research, INP/ NRCPS Demokritos, Athens)
  3. P. Tsilimigras (Professor Emeritus of Physics, Hellenic Naval Academy, Piraeus)
  4. George Kalkanis (Professor, University of Athens)
  5. Menas Kafatos (Professor Fletcher Jones Endowed Professor of Computational Physics,
    Director, Center of Excellence in Earth Systems Modeling and Observations, Chapman University, USA)
  6. Demos Kazanas (Researcher, NASA/ Goddard Space Flight Center, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Athens)
  7. Stephen Maran (ret. Researcher, NASA/ Goddard Space Flight Center, former  Assistant Director of Space Sciences for Information and Outreach of the Hubble Space Telescope)
  8. P. Kostarakis (Professor of Electronics, University of Ioannina)
  9. Kanaris Tsiganos (Professor of Astronomy, University of Athens)
  10. Kimon Ladas (Physicist, retired secondary education teacher in Petritseion Lyceum of Lixourion)
  11. Dionysis Patrikios (now phycisist in Secondary Education)
  12.  Petros Georgopoulos (TAM support astronomer, now programmer in NOKIA Hellas)
  13. Giannis Arageorgis † (telescope computer control & networking, former IT Head, manager and teacher @ HNA)
  14. Giannis Hatzilaou (now Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, HNA)
  15. Aikaterini Zachariadou (now Prof. of Physics @ TEI of Piraeus)
  16. Theodoros Geralis (now Director of Research, INP/ NRCPS Demokritos, Athens)
  17. E. Pappa (astronomer, educator)
  18. John Koukos (now Dean, Hellenic Naval academy, Piraeus)
  19. Fotis Georgatos (former computer manager @ CERN)
  20. Vasilis Kokkalis (physicist in Secondary Education of Kefalonia)
  21. Gerasimos Kourouklis (now retired, president of the local charter of Hellenic Phycisists Association)
  22. Eleni Giannakoudi (secretariat and administrational support)
  23. Spyros Polykalas (now professor of Informatics @ the TEI of Ionian Islands)
  24. Giannis Dimitrakopoulos (now senior programmer @ National Bank of Greece)
  25. Spyros Papaefthimiou (now professor of Applied Physics @ University of Crete, Chania)
  26. Pavlos Laskarides (retired Professor of Astronomy, University of Athens, former President oh the Hellenic Astronomical Society)
  27. Vagelis Faraclos (mathematician, astronomy instructor)
  28. A. Costandakis (IT engineer)
  29. Nikos Evaggelatos (IT engineer)
  30. Eleni Memeletzoglou (physicist, educator)
  31. Sofia Potamianou (physicist, former president of the local charter of Hellenic Phycisists Association)
  32. Tassos Kalimeris (now professor @ TEI of Ionian Islands)

Professionals and Volunteers who worked in the Observatories from 1998 to 2015

  • Dionysis Rallatos
  • Dionysis Markatos
  • Spyros Vartholomatos
  • Spiros Papavasileiou
  • Giorgos Kaminaris
  • Mr.  G. Dallas
  • Mr.  Kosmetatos
  • Mrs. Vagellatou
  • Giorgos Katsivelis – ΚΕΔΗΚΕ
  • Volunteer Group of Paliki
  • Volunteer Group of Erissos
  • Mr. G. Apostolatos