TVD: Vikentios Damodos Telescope

TVD Dedication:  Vikentios Damodos (a short Biography)

Milestones:  First conception: 1995. Dome construction: 2001,  0.51m VD telescope installation: 2006-07.

TVD History: to be written

Photographs (see below)

TVD and Astronomy Base viewed from the TCC at a much higher position


0.51m TVD (Dome).

The sky above TVD now:   click here for sky map


  • Optical architecture:  Ritchey-Chrétien (F/8 cassegrain single focus)
  • Mounting: Equatorial
  • Instrumentation:
    • 4-port instrument selector/diagonal rotator
    • 20cm Newtonian guider telescope
    • SBIG ST-7  CCD-imager camera
    • Multi-channel High-Speed QO SiPMT photometer (on loan to the RFK/Eudoxos/TCC telescope)
  • Dome: 5m diameter, double skin isolation,  two-floor steel structure, plus storage basement (from year 2001).

Short Biography of Vikentios Damodos

Pictures of the Telescope (to be added)



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