Welcome to EUDOXOS/RFK: a personal approach temporary site !

This is the first post of 2016!

More than 20 years have passed (1995-2016) since the start of effort for developing EUDOXOS and we have already proceeded into the following step which pertains a dual aim:
the continuous effort to obtain newjobs in science & technology fields for the young, as well as ensuring support from the Observatory, while our country is facing a severe financial crisis.
Striving to create job vacancies is of critical importance to us, regardless of the hardships, we consider this endeavour as the most worthwhile of those we have pursued so far! Despite the number of science projects and new experiments that are underway, we still focus on this, currently.

On the other hand, it is an undeniable fact that we have to deal with several maintenance issues, since our Telescopes have grown old after many years of extensive use. To make matters worse, we suffer losses in our most valued human resources.
Moreover, our regular annual funding for maintenance costs has been withheld long ago, despite the fact that it was minimal.

In these moments we recite Ernest Rutherford’s words to his group, when they were forced to work under somehow similar conditions of austerity
“Gentlemen, …we have run out of money, so we have to think more…!”

Due to the fact that our new official website will continue being under construction for some time, I have taken the initiative to construct this temporary transcendental site, in order to provide some basic information concerning RFK.
Although largely based on mere facts, it reflects a purely personal approach which is not, necessarily, the view of the RFK Governing Council.
These pages will not be frequently updated due to work overload, but will, nevertheless, aim at providing a number of reliable historic records/facts with relevance to our Observatory, the westernmost Observatory Complex in Greece, which is located on Mount Ainos, Kefallonia Island, Ionian Sea.

Last but not least, I feel the need to thank all the collaborators who are working with RFK as well as those we have worked with over the past years.
Several colleagues have pursued better workposts in academia and the private sector whereas some have become distant supporters of the RFK operations and, the most unfortunate of all, Yiannis Arageorgis, our multi-talented technology scientist of HNA, passed away so unexpectedly…
We dedicate all upcoming virtual networking efforts to his memory.

N. H. Solomos



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